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A combination of state of the art computer and other electronic hardware, use of our own tailored software, and experienced timekeeping officials, makes Computime the obvious choice for your timekeeping and results needs. We can tailor a solution to suit your event based on your budget and requirements. Professional timing officials
As well as having significant experience in the use of our software and in performing timekeeping duties, our staff are qualified event officials with appropriate accreditations. Full service automatic timekeeping

Transponder timing

The majority of our engagements are timed with each machine being fitted with an AMB timing transponder. We also utilise a laser beam across the finish line for back-up. Depending on the event, further backup by means of video camera recording and back-up lap scoring is performed. Transponder timing ensure 100% accurate timing to 1/1000th of a second. Live timing information

During a timed session, our software processes the raw times and calculates lap times and results. Depending on the event, during each session competitors can access live timing data and results from our software as follows:
• Our Race Display program provides lap times and results in a user friendly display output for television. Where venues have television distribution systems, the Race Display program can provide timing data throughout the venue.

• At many events we set-up a wireless computer network at the venue. We then create a local intranet web-site that in conjunction with our Compul!ve application, provides those with laptop computers or PDA’s, live timing, results, and other statistical information.

• At almost all events, we upload live timing to the internet together with results information. This enables interested parties anywhere in the world with a computer to access timing information as the event is happening. Our website is also a valuable resource for competitors after the event in checking results and comparing to other events and other competitors.

Printed reports

After the session is finished, we have a full suite of reports available to be printed and copied for competitors including results sheets, fastest laps, individual lap times, and grid sheets. We are also able to calculate, and print points for any event, or any sub-class within an event. Points are also able to be maintained, updated, and printed for an entire series across a number of different events.

Intermediate sector timing

Where circuit infrastructure allows, and we have our wireless network set-up, we are able to provide intermediate split timing. The splits the circuit into two or three sectors. Split timing information is displayed on the Race Display and Compul!ve systems and sector timing reports printed at the end of the session. Analysis of the reports give the competitors insight as to in which areas of the circuit they are faster or slower than other competitors.

Jump start camera system

At larger events, we are able to set-up a jump start camera system. Cameras are set-up at each row of the grid and on the start light. Playback of the simultaneous video recording allows jumped starts to be easily and accurately determined.

Tailored solutions

As we use and maintain our own software, in the unlikely event that you have a requirement that our timing system currently doesn’t cater for, we can change it so it does!

Manual timekeeping

For smaller events, we can perform manual timekeeping. The actual timing is achieved either through a manual button press or a laser beam crossing. Competitor numbers are then manually entered for the computer system to calculate the times. Manual timing is not recommended for events with significant competitor numbers. Manual timekeeping reduces the equipment cost of transmitters and associated organisation and distribution, however more timekeepers are required to perform the manual timing.

Timing equipment rental

If you have people prepared to act as timing officials that have a fairly good knowledge of computers, our timing hardware (including AMB transponders) and software is available for rental.

Timing software

Computime’s specialised race timing software is available for purchase if you have your own timekeeping personnel and hardware. E-mail for costs and specifications.

Transponder and timing equipment sales

Computime recommends the use of AMB timing hardware. AMB transponders are used at most transponder timed events in Australia. To avoid the hassle and cost of hiring a transponder at each event, you can purchase your own personal transponder. E-mail for cost and further information.